The company started its activity in autumn of 1996 at its headquarters in Palestine - Gaza Strip - 10 Street, Izz el-Deen al-Qassam, supported a distinct trade policy that makes its customers the ultimate purpose of being more satisfied and enjoys the distinctive flavor of coffee, which was known ...
Coffee for luxury

Roaming the farms in African jungles and the Amazon by land and air
New York: Peter Meehan *

Duane Sorenson plans to go to Yemen, and there wants to drive a car with four-wheel to assist him to cross the sandy roads, as well as flying in a small plane in the Arab sky, to Roam the country land and air to search for the farmers of coffee who have an open mind and are receptive to the new ideas for their crops. Sorenson is the owner of «Stampton Kofi Rosters» in Portland in Oregon State; he also plans to pay more than anyone else for farmers to improve their crops.
But he faced a problem in his passport, which prevented him from leaving Washington. Despite the disappointment, he flew to Guatemala City and when he arrived he ate the traditional food such as tortilla, beans and fish with the owner of «Finca Ailanjerto» in the western Huehuetenango, which is one of the most famous coffee farms in Central America.

It was a long way to eat. But Sorenson and a number of researchers like him are ready to go anywhere and do anything and pay any price to find of an integrated cup of coffee. According to the people in «Stampton»and to other friendly competitors like «Intelligentsia» toasters for Coffee and «Tea Traders» in Chicago and «Counter Kaltcher» in their home state in New Jersey, the long trips to far farms without a direct result is a necessary step for the larger goal: improving the trade of coffee.

Mark Prince said, the editor of COFEEGEEK.COM site which specialize in Coffee on the Internet «These people have extra ordinary ability to get a distinctive coffee».
Connie Ohard who published «Rost» (roasting coffee); it is a magazine specializing in coffee «Sure, they're the Pioneers now. Some owners of small shops selling coffee worshiping them like the Gods ».

The most famous title given to this kind of this work which the coffee companies practice is the «direct trade». It is simply Means that the owners of shops selling coffee «toasters» buy their products directly from farms and cooperatives that grow coffee in the countries that produce in South America and Asia, and not through brokers.

This expression was well known by Geoff Watts, the director of buying coffee and green coffee to«Antgantsia» roasters company. Watts with Duane Sorenson recently visited Burundi with other coffee roasters to discuss with the groups who are working in coffee planting in Burundi in order to return back the traditional habits of producing this crop. And direct trade, which also means intensive communication between the buyer and the farmer with compare with the old model which is still widespread, where great international companies buy large quantities of coffee through brokers with the lowest price.

It also represents, at least for many specialist people in the coffee sector, an improvement in the above areas such as fair trade or organic (non-entry of chemicals in cultivation) or friendly to the birds and the environment. Such areas are related to how coffee is cultivated, and perhaps entice the consumer to pay the higher amount of money for coffee, but it does not provide guarantees regarding the taste or quality. However, the companies «coffee direct», interested in agriculture which suites the environment, the price is usually more than the price that paid even in fair trade, and it can be considered as the best way in order to get a better taste for coffee.

Delice is spending several months every year in visiting farms, to present the best produced coffee, and was bought legally and toasted carefully. Simply it sells the best possible coffee.

George Howell explains his mission, saying «it is an exploration of the coffee taste ». Howell says, who manages «George Howell» coffee  company; it is a toaster in «Acton» in Massachusetts state , in all stages of coffee treatment since the beginning of  his work in this area in 1974. He says that «we are doing our best to find the flavors that we did not taste before, and the fruits of different and various flavors from clean coffee these tastes which has been lost or alleviated by the old ways of blending coffee ».

The owners of Delice uses the direct trade on the bases which sat by companies such as «house» and later «star bucks», which went outside the scope of trade commodity system to find the best coffee.

However, Mrs. Ohart said that these companies are large enough that it couldn’t examine every seed of coffee, as do the owners of direct trade companies. Starbucks buys more than 300 million Lbs of coffee per year, while «Intelligentsia» company which is the largest direct trade companies bought two million Lbs of coffee.

In some cases, we find farms by chance. Peter Giuliano spoke enthusiastically about the finding of a farm in Central America, which cultivated by «Geisha»which known in its production for the best coffee in terms of quality. (Were paid the highest price at auction for coffee for coffee Especial Esmeralda, it is a Panamanian coffee produced from Geisha).

The owners of toasters are associated with farmers through tasting competitions. The most important competition is The Cup of quality, which is regulated by an American Organization that is not seeking any profits in 8 countries producing coffee. The taste of these competitions will continue for a period of up to 10 days, after that the organizers offer the coffee in an online auction.

Sorenson has recently spent more than a hundred thousand dollars for a shipment of coffee, which got the highest estimates in the cup quality in Nicaragua and the pair Lbs of this coffee which is from Marico Benjamin Peralta farms in Nicaragua  has been sold at 47.06 dollars,. For Sorenson, who said it was a combination of «the taste of mango, peach, melon and jasmine blossom» and make it the best Nicaraguan coffee taste, therefore it worth this price.

 «Counter Kaltr» company started to buy coffee from Finca Mauritania, a farm owned by Aida Batlle in the foothills of the Santa Ana volcano in El Salvador, after the coffee farm, drew attention in the «Cup quality» competition   in El Salvador in 2003. After working with Aida for several years, and visiting the farm regularly and tasting coffee product under a variety of circumstances, Giuliano asked them to collect the coffee fruit  when the «half of the fruit color Alborgandhi and the other half red bright»; Giuliano justified that   leads to a better sweetness in the coffee cup . It turns out that one of the best means to promote change is as simple as participating in drinking several cups of coffee with the people who grow it. It is clear that this method were not common until ten years ago.

Watts said that the process of tasting coffee has many advantages it helps the farmers to understand what they are looking for. He said «there must be a real financial incentive for each step ameliorative in quality, but that should not be ambiguous. It must be objective. It should get a farmer's a reason to believe that his investing is a self investment in his farm, and not just something he was asked to do by a crazy American. And when they have the same evaluative talent that we have, they can taste the coffee and find out how much is it ».

The direct trade relations sector toasters Means a guarantee for the owners to pay more than the paid price by the fair trade companies for the coffee that meets a set of agreed standards and if you got coffee on most of those standards farmers has priority to get more than that.

The competition of tasting coffee encouraged the owners of the toasters to choose the best among the best kinds of coffee that they will submit to their customers. In his last visit to Finca Albonti, a coffee farm in a mountainous area in south-western Honduras, Giuliano tasted a small amount of 68 kinds of coffee. The coffee was separated across the region, which has grown at the farm. And gave such contests Kabalro to the family, which owns the Albonti farm which has an idea about the required features that Giuliano needs in a cup of coffee, so that they can follow up on those features to a certain part in their farm, or some type of coffee bushes, or the degree of maturity for harvesting. For him, Giuliano got a chance to pick the best combination of coffee Albonti. For any amount of special pay more than the usual price, and roasts it alone and sells it at a higher price because «the local amount f ».

Howell has tasted a selection of coffee with Alejandro Cadena from Vermaks, the source of Colombian interested in good quality. Cadena brought large quantities of coffee which divided according to its size to see the effect of the coffee amount on the cup of coffee. Howell found that the fruits of small coffee from Brazil carrying more acidic than the large fruits. But the size of the fruit does not affect the Cadena coffee, Howell returned this finding to the mixing of different types of coffee plants which cultivated in Vermaks farms.

Also tasting the types of coffee is a way to determine where are the best kinds of coffee damage either during shipping process or production; In the competition for a tasting coffee in Acton Howell viewed some types of dangers he compared between the coffee beans which require a long time in burlap bags with that which stored in plastic containers.

In some cases, a simple conversation leads to a large impact on the final product or on people who are growing it; On his trip to Rwanda in 2006, Sorenson asked a farmer in «Kwakaka Koprativ Iapanhenze Ya Kawa Ya Karaba» a cooperative association which provide for him the Rwandan coffee which sold under the name « Karaba »- what can he does to improve his coffee.
Therefore Delice is always looking forward to be the best, as it imports the coffee directly from homeland Therefore it characterized by its well known coffee among the Palestinian citizens (Delice).

Translated by: Mazen Abu Nada - Mobile: 0599604041

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